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Tout s’explique — RTL Belgium

“Delving into the delightfully unexpected, #TSE, RTL-TVI’s captivating educational series whisks you through the wondrous worlds of science, culinary arts, health, wellness, and the pulse of technology, among others. Partnering with RTL Belgium, we’ve breathed life into their most beloved and binge-watched series with our captivating, bespoke animations.


As time marched on, the designs and animations for the national TV learning series “Tout S’explique” craved a fresh resurgence. With smiles on our faces, we eagerly revisited these subjects, wielding a minimalistic design approach as our creative compass. We sculpted characters and elements in the distinct ‘Ligne Claire’ style, ensuring that each line, each frame, conveys the information in a manner as clear as crystal, as concise as a haiku. A new day dawns, a fresh start beckons – and we’re here to make it unforgettable.

Redefining learning on the screen, one captivating animation at a time

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Green screen & guests

“Like the chapters of a riveting novel, our previous #TSE animations introduced an expert in every field, breathing life into deeper explanations. In this enthralling sequel, we embraced the power of typography and split the screen into two unique narratives.

Every word, every frame is an opportunity to deepen understanding, turning static text into dynamic stories. Our experts didn’t just step into the animation; they danced amidst the fonts and frames, bringing each subject into a brilliant, vivid focus.

#TSE 2.0/ RTL-TVi-Tout s'explique 2.0 RTLTVI-7

Color palette

/ Foundations

SCSS var
$color – Blue    



R 33
G 47
B 96

Magnetic Blue

SCSS var
$color – Purple

R 69
G 41
B 115

Static Purple

SCSS var
$color – Yellow

R 255
G 122
B 255

Bright Yellow

SCSS var
$color – black

R 255
G 211
B 33

DarkRoom Black

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Our canvas is a world brimming with engaging subjects, ranging from science to wellness, and everything in between. At the heart of our mission lies the task of creating captivating animations for RTL-TVI's popular educational series, #TSE. Every detail, from the clear lines of our character designs to the use of dynamic typography, is carefully considered to ensure clear, concise storytelling. Our experts meticulously craft each frame, whether it's a bold 3D text or a lively 2D character coming to life. The goal? To create animations that not only enhance the viewer's understanding but also capture their imagination. Each project is a new adventure, a chance to revisit and reinvent, a joyous dance amidst the fonts and frames. Whether it's the refreshing revamp of a beloved series or a dive into a thrilling new season, our task remains constant: deliver animations that intrigue, inspire, and impress. Step into the world of #TSE and see how we redefine the intersection of education and entertainment.

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