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Sticker Samba in Café Brazil

Dive into the vibrant pulse of “Café Brazil,” a title sequence that marries the spirit of football with the vivid tapestry of Brazil. Each frame bursts with the energetic hues and bold geometries of Brazilian culture, enveloping viewers in a dynamic, football-centric universe. The design, animated in lively 2.5D, brings each sticker to life, inviting fans into a world where passion for the sport leaps off the screen and into the heart

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Tasked with encapsulating the fervor of football experts and the exuberant essence of Brazil, Hamham Brussels embarked on creating "Café Brazil" for RTL TVI. The challenge was to craft an intro, outro, and captivating interludes that resonate with the legacy of Panini stickers while infusing the vivacious colors and shapes of Brazil. Achieved through dynamic 2.5D animation, the sequence offers a fluid, engaging experience, ensuring that every transition and graphic element celebrates the love for football and Brazilian culture in a visually stunning and memorable manner.

  • Strategy

    Storyboarding, Animatics

  • Design

    Stéphane Sowa

  • Client



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