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A digital showcase where creativity sparks and innovation thrives. More than just a portfolio, Playground is our creative lab, where dreams are crafted, and visionaries are invited to explore the bounds of the possible.

Real-Time Texture Magic: 3D Mastery at Play

Step into a world where realism meets interactivity with our latest Playground showcase. Featuring two meticulously linked chain segments, our exhibit demonstrates the pinnacle of real-time, realistic textures. This compact yet powerful display is a testament to Hamham Brussels' prowess in pushing the boundaries of 3D interactive design. Experience the seamless blend of art and technology, where every detail springs to life.

From Bare to Blue

Witness the whimsical dance of 'H' as it transforms from a simple letter to a vibrant, blue-haired monster.

Violet Visions

From the heart of a chromatic orb, born through the portal of an animated keyframe.

Violet Visions

A mesmerizing moment as the Hamham Brussels logo weaves through a spectrum of purple hues that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

the Lumina Circle Interface

LED display concept that combines luminous circles with high-contrast graphics to produce mesmerizing animations.This versatile design can be applied in real-time animation rendering or video capture, directly translated through the interface for various applications.

Swirls of Elegance

Discover "Cumulus and Foam" through animation where swirls unveil its unique glyphs, marrying cloud-like elegance with dynamic motion. This approach transforms typography into a captivating visual journey, perfect for adding sophistication and engagement to any project.

Geometric Ballet

A cone, ball, circle, and cylinder perform a ballet of movements, animated with a realism that transcends the digital realm.

Meet the Green Monster from Club RTL Kidz

Introducing the newest member of the Club RTL Kidz family: a charming green monster that's sure to capture your heart! With multiple eyes that sparkle with curiosity and long, sharp teeth turned into a friendly smile, this delightful creature invites viewers into a world of imagination and fun. Created with Hamham Brussels’ signature blend of creativity and digital artistry, this monster embodies the joy and excitement we aim to bring to every child. Join us in welcoming this unique character to the screen, where smiles and adventures await.

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