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Rhythmic Pixels: Crafting the Pulse of Génération RTL

Dive into the vibrant world of “Génération RTL,” where the screen comes alive with a symphony of visuals, tailored exclusively for RTL Belgium in 2016. Picture this: a dynamic opening and closing sequence that dances to the beat of the show, punctuated by sleek commercial break bumpers and informative lower-third banners—all harmoniously tied together with a custom-crafted logo. It’s not just TV; it’s a visual fiesta, meticulously orchestrated to keep viewers glued from start to finish.

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Crafting the visual heartbeat of "Génération RTL" was like conducting an orchestra in After Effects—every element an instrumentalist, every animation a note. The process began with storyboarding, sketching the show's visual journey from dawn to dusk. Then, layer by layer, we composed the opening and closing credits, infusing energy and anticipation. Commercial break bumpers were choreographed for seamless transitions, ensuring the audience stays tuned in. Lower-thirds banners were designed to inform yet intrigue, maintaining the show's rhythm. Finally, the logo was sculpted—a visual signature, encapsulating the essence of "Génération RTL." Every frame, a step. Every transition, a beat. All coming together in a harmonious visual symphony, orchestrated in After Effects.

  • Strategy

    Storyboarding, Animatics

  • Design

    Stéphane Sowa

  • Client



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