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Frame by Frame Brilliance for Plug RTL

Imagine, if you will, the experience of a viewer, cozy in their favorite spot, remote in hand. What unfolds before them is not just another ad break, but a gateway to a world crafted by Hamham for Plug RTL.

In a world where visuals speak louder than words,
Hamham embraced a thrilling challenge with Plug RTL: To transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 🚀

Step 1

Our palette

Armed with a spectrum of VFX, Cel animation, and dynamic montages, we set out to infuse life into every frame. More than just adding objects, we were crafting a visual language that whispered, sang, and shouted 'lifestyle'.

Step 2

The Journey

Each of the 20 ad bumpers became a canvas, where creativity met innovation. Challenges turned into opportunities, limitations into open skies. We didn't just create; we played, experimented, and reveled in every moment of creation.

Step 3

The Outcome

The result? A series of visual symphonies, each echoing the vibrant, youthful energy of Plug RTL. More than just ad bumpers, they became snapshots of imagination, where every second told a story.

Behind the scenes
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At Hamham, challenges are but invitations to greatness. Join us in this visual odyssey, where every challenge is a doorway to something spectacularly unexpected. ✨


To revolutionize the mundane. Armed with Olivier Pairoux's catchy jingles, we dove headfirst into the sea of creativity. Our mission? To bring the essence of 'lifestyle' to life.

  • Strategy

    Brainstorming, sketches

  • Design

    Cel Animation, Stop motion, VFX

  • Client

    RTL Belgium

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