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Stations of the Future for KONE

All aboard for an unforgettable journey! Welcome to the 3D interactive train station, a groundbreaking creation by HamHam Brussels for UITP, and specially commissioned by KONE. Who said train stations had to be mundane? We’ve taken the everyday commute and turned it on its head with this immersive, 3D interactive train station. It’s more than just a portfolio piece; it’s a digital playground where every tap leads to a new discovery, and every swipe unravels a new story.


Picture this: a bustling train station, built from pixels up, alive with the buzz of digital commuters and the whoosh of virtual trains. Sounds like a scene from a sci-fi movie, right? Well, that was our task—our epic adventure.

Open Project
01. Challenges

Embark on the creative voyage behind crafting the visionary gare du futur, a project where imagination met innovation, guided by the expertise of KONE and UITP. 🚀🖌️ With no blueprints in hand, our journey began in uncharted territory, tasked with envisioning a station not just for today, but for the future.

Step 1

The Brainstorming Constellation

Our team, alongside KONE and UITP experts, became astronauts of imagination, floating in a universe of possibilities. We delved deep into discussions, exploring every 'what if' and 'could be', letting our creativity orbit around futuristic concepts and sustainable innovations.

Step 2

Sketching the Dream

With ideas as our stars, we began sketching the station du futur. Each line was a trajectory towards a sustainable, efficient, and user-friendly transit hub. These sketches were not mere drawings; they were the first whispers of a future taking shape.

Step 3

Sketching the Dream

The sketches then transformed into 3D models. This phase was like watching a nebula coalesce into a vivid galaxy. Our designers sculpted every corner, curve, and corridor, ensuring the gare du futur was not only aesthetically magnificent but functionally revolutionary.

Step 4

Interactive Persona Creation

To bring the station to life, we crafted interactive 3D personas. These digital beings were more than models; they were storytellers, guiding users through the station of the future, each revealing different aspects and innovations of the station.

02. Experience

The Step into a World
Tailored for You

Our Interactive 3D Train Station is a journey personalized for every visitor. Each persona embarks on their unique path, with dedicated pages that resonate with their specific needs and interests. As you glide through this virtual station, the experience is as fluid as it is intuitive, mirroring the seamless flow of a well-orchestrated transport hub. Every turn unveils a new aspect of our innovative solutions. From the tech-savvy commuter to the casual visitor, the journey is yours to define. Detailed, yet effortlessly navigable, the experience is designed to unfold at your pace, revealing layers of their technological prowess in transport solutions.

Color palette

/ Foundations
SCSS var

R 0
G 122
B 255


SCSS var

R 0
G 122
B 255

UITP Orange

SCSS var

R 210
G 210
B 210


SCSS var

R 20
G 20
B 20

KONE Black

Immersing into the Essence of UITP and KONE, our latest creation is a vibrant celebration of brand identity. With meticulous attention, we’ve harnessed the distinct color palettes that define each of these industry titans. From the deep, dynamic orange reflecting UITP‘s commitment to urban transport innovation, to the bold, energizing blue of KONE, symbolizing their drive for elevator excellence – every hue speaks their language. 


/ Scales
Open Sans

In the bustling bazaar of ideas and innovations, picking Open Sans is like choosing a smooth jazz tune in a world of noise. It’s the epitome of cool clarity, a dash of modern flair, and a whisper of friendly sophistication. With its clean curves and laid-back vibe, Open Sans isn’t just a font; it’s a conversation starter. It says, ‘Hey, we’re not just about the status quo. 

Open Sans



AaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVvWwXxYyZz 0123456789

03. Mobile Experience

Pocket-Sized Wonders
at Your Fingertips

As you hop from one page to the next, you’ll find the experience adapts like a chameleon – vibrant and clear on any screen size. It’s a digital joyride, designed not just for looks but for effortless engagement. Whether you’re in a bustling café or chilling in your backyard, our station’s always just a pocket-dive away, bringing a burst of creativity and color to your everyday journey.

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