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Crafting the Charming Chaos of ‘Salle des Profs

Welcome to a world where laughter meets art, and art meets technology. We’re diving headfirst into an imaginative journey, crafting a series of animated delights for RTBF and Octopos. Imagine a fusion of 3D cartoon wonder with a twist of real-life charm

Background & props

Creative Capers:
The Art of Animation Challenges

Dive into a realm where 3D artistry and hand-drawn charm intertwine, crafting a unique backdrop for our narrative. Here, every prop and scene, meticulously sculpted in 3D, undergoes a magical transformation, taking on the warmth and irregularity of hand-drawn sketches. 

This process creates a whimsical world that defies the ordinary, where textures tell stories and each item is imbued with personality, seamlessly blending digital depth with the nostalgic allure of a sketchbook come to life. It’s a world that captivates, inviting viewers to step into a living, breathing drawing that’s as enchanting as the tales it unfolds.


Crafting Characters with Character

Renaud’s sharp wit, Jean-Luc’s charismatic presence, Baptiste’s musical charm, Melissa’s radiant energy, and Marie’s compelling grace 

all find their way into our sketches. We’re not just drawing characters; we’re encapsulating essences, turning every nuance into visual poetry.

Color palette

/ Foundations
SCSS var

R 254
G 216
B 107

Vibrant Yellow

SCSS var

R 0
G 122
B 255

Soothing Blue

SCSS var

R 0
G 122
B 255

Neutral Grey

SCSS var

R 0
G 122
B 255

Moonlight Black

Immerse yourself in a world painted in vibrant yellow and soothing blue. Yellow brings a burst of energy and warmth, symbolizing joy and creativity. Blue, in contrast, offers depth and calm, instilling a sense of serenity. 

Together, these colors create a harmonious and visually striking palette, enhancing the emotional depth and playful spirit of our animated narrative.



Octopods Films

Benjamin Honoré
Project Manager

Joao Vinhas
Project Manager

Art Direction

Creative Director

Christophe Bourdon
Art Director

Pierre-Yves Wathour
Art Director


Stéphane Sowa
Graphic Design

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Our mission? To breathe life into a vibrant opening sequence and a collection of humorous interludes. Each frame is a playground of creativity, where 3D cartoon magic dances seamlessly with hand-drawn characters, topped with the real faces of our beloved actors.


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