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Branded animation is marketing content that is commissioned by a brand that — while sharing in the brand’s values — does not directly promote the brand. It aims to the positive association, more than on
self-Brand-promotion. So, while animated content video is not a traditional ad, it often shares the same end goal of driving audience action.


The Lego Movie is a branded animation — maybe a multi-million-dollar branded animation with not so subtle product placement, but still a branded animation.

The original 3D computer animated story follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.

directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

There Are Many Ways To Do It

Sport-shoes brands that create stupefaction by playing with materials and/or fabrics are branded animations.
A movie app that publishes animations is as well branded animations.
A brand that sponsors artists to create and distribute animated content, you guessed it, branded animation.


Human sized

Many branded animations are narrative-driven. They use storytelling to entertain, inform, or communicate a brand’s values, which is an effective way for brands to build more authentic, memorable connections with their audiences.

In this epic history of man and womankind’s eternal struggle to couple… and do other things, the good folks at Tinder let Buck get their art on to create a luscious world where people have wonderbutts… and the same face.

Directed by Buck
Full credits at


With the big amount of content on the web, many of us develop a blindness to it. However, marketers that create the kind of branded content their target audience wants — be it funny, entertaining, or educational videos — will hold viewers’ attention and keep them coming back for more.

How do you convince no-nonsense industrial engineers to change the way they work? Director Nidia Dias and the Tendril design and CG crew take on that challenge with an inspiring brand film for Norwegian software makers Aize.

Production: Tendril

Organic/ Authentic

By swapping the déja-vu content for branded animation, promoters are in a better position to show the viewer that they are “the real deal.” It’s kind of a secret insight. It offers brands a way to prove that they are passionate and knowledgeable enough for the viewer (aka; consumers) to let them in.

Global guitar masters Fender approached MvsM with the task of introducing their new game-changing guitar – The Acoustasonic Jazzmaster.

Revolving around the guitar’s innovative new ‘Blend Knob’, MvsM designed, directed and animated a mind-bending journey of sound and vision that showcases the boundless sonic capabilities and impeccable design and craftsmanship of this truly ground-breaking guitar.

Direction, Design & Animation

Full Credits


Unless there’s a particularly timely promotional video, think of the UEFA Champions League, people typically don’t share videos that highlight the brand — not the content. Branded animations flip the dynamic, giving the viewers a reason to share a brand’s content with their friends, family and colleagues.

“Nike Air is a celebration of creativity, imagination and innovation. We wanted to convey those elements through a technology aligned to that groundbreaking spirit, [which] would spark excitement with sneaker lovers and passersby alike,” says Nike Japan’s VP creative director, Julie Igarashi.

Creative Director: Julie Igarashi
Designer: Yoshio Kato
Art Director: Danny Demers
Studio Manager & Producer: Nanaka Sakurai


By contributing to the experience, brands are less likely to disrupt viewers. Instead, they add value and contribute to the conversation, which is typically favored by audiences.

 How do you feel when you see a synthetic version of yourself?

In Future You, you are faced with a unique reflection of your potential, synthetic self. Starting as a primitive form, it learns from your movements to adapt, suggesting an agile, superior version of you. This interactive motion-capture artwork evolves, creating a new visual response for each visitor, generating 47,000 possible variations.


Commissioned by The Barbican, London for the entrance of the exhibition AI: More Than Human.

Design & Animation: Universal Everything
Full Credits:

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