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Unleashing Creativity with Drag and Drop: Endless Possibilities in Animation

At Hamham Brussels, we are constantly striving to improve our production processes to meet our clients' needs and expectations. One of the common challenges in the field of animation is managing last-minute changes without compromising quality or deadlines. This is where procedural work comes into play.

What is Procedural Work?

Procedural work involves creating workflows and production pipelines that allow individual elements to be easily modified without restarting the entire project. For instance, if the CEO decides to change the color of the main character’s outfit at the end of production, this change can be made seamlessly without redoing everything from scratch.

Benefits of Procedural Work

Flexibility and Efficiency: Our methodology allows us to quickly respond to last-minute requests without starting over. This flexibility ensures that the final product meets the client’s vision, even if it evolves during production.

Maintaining Creativity: Artists can focus on their creative work, knowing that necessary adjustments can be integrated smoothly. This means more time for innovation and less time spent on repetitive tasks.

Time-Saving: Less time spent on rework translates to more time for perfecting and innovating the project, ensuring higher quality results within the same timeframe.

Real-World Application at Hamham Brussels

Recently, we faced a scenario where, after weeks of hard work, our team proudly presented an animation film to the CEO. Everything seemed perfect except for one detail: the CEO didn’t like the color of the main character’s outfit. Thanks to our procedural approach, we were able to make the necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently, meeting the CEO’s expectations without delaying the project.


At Hamham Brussels, we are proud of our ability to offer flexible solutions that respect both artistic and production demands. This rigorous methodology allows us to collaborate with major brands and produce high-quality visual content.