We are a multidisciplinary creative studio specialized in the fields of motion design, graphic design, and interactive 3D.

Graphic Design

We channel our creativity to enhance your brand with professional visuals. We design unique graphics that strengthen your presence across various mediums.

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Video Production

We offer motion design services "à la carte" for creating impactful animations, immersive visual effects, and captivating promotional videos for all screen sizes.

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3D/2D Interactive

Our interactive design services complement our other offerings by creating engaging and interactive user experiences.
Let's push that button!

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#Digital, forward...

Keep pushing forward. We've got your back.

Since officially launching in 2018, HamHam has been at the forefront of pushing pixels and crafting visual that resonate across all mediums. Our roots, however, stretch back to 2010, when our passion for design and creativity began shaping the future of brands. Join us on this journey of continuous innovation and let’s create digital wonders together.


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Within the hustle of office hours, we’re your steadfast creative allies. Always on hand to support, inspire, and turn challenges into triumphs. Your vision is our mission, every step of the way.

Main steps

1. Give us a call or schedule a Meeting

Start your journey with a simple call or schedule a meeting. Dive into a discussion where your vision meets our creativity. It's the first step to transforming ideas into digital masterpieces.

2. Discover & Define

During our meeting, it’s your story’s time to shine. Share your project’s heart and soul with us—its goals, challenges, and dreams. This is where we lay the foundation for a tailored strategy that aligns perfectly with your vision. Together, we'll map out the path to bring your digital ambitions to life.

3. That’s it!

we're set to strategize! Armed with your insights and our expertise, we're ready to outline the mission ahead. Together, we'll craft a meticulous plan that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, setting the stage for a project that's primed for success.

Innovation Unleashed: The R&D Journey

Where curiosity meets creation: diving into the depths of R&D to forge the future of digital innovation.

Additional steps

4. Tailored Timeline Creation

Every project is unique, and so is its path to completion. At this stage, we collaboratively define a custom timeline, carefully considering the scope and specifics of your project. This bespoke schedule ensures we hit every milestone with precision, keeping your project on track towards its grand unveiling.

5. Research & Development

At this pivotal stage, we immerse ourselves in research and development, diving into the heart of your project. It's where we blend innovation with insight, ensuring every design decision is informed and impactful. Through rigorous exploration and creative experimentation, we uncover unique solutions that not only meet your needs but set new standards in digital excellence.

6. Implementation & Testing

Following rigorous research and development, we move into the crucial phase of implementation and testing. This is where our plans and prototypes are brought to life and meticulously tested in real-world scenarios. We ensure functionality, usability, and performance are up to par, identifying and resolving any issues to guarantee a flawless execution. This stage is vital for refining the final product, ensuring it's ready to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Time to Shout to the World

when it’s time to shout our triumph to the world. A testament to creativity, collaboration, and the journey from concept to reality.

Final steps

4. Prototype & Feedback

Between the sparks of R&D and the final unveiling lies a crucial step: Prototype & Feedback. Here, ideas take physical form, allowing us to explore the tangible aspects of our concepts. This iterative phase is all about trial, error, and refinement based on real user feedback. It's a collaborative effort to sculpt the project into its most effective and engaging form, ensuring the next steps are grounded in solid, user-tested design principles

5. Final Review & Refinement

As we approach the finish line, we engage in a meticulous final review and refinement process. This is where we fine-tune details, ensuring every aspect of the project not only meets but surpasses your expectations. Together, we'll scrutinize our work, making adjustments and improvements, to polish the project to perfection. It's a collaborative effort to ensure the end result is nothing short of remarkable, ready to make its mark in the digital world


The moment of triumph—your project takes its first breath in the public domain. After meticulous planning, design, and testing, we unveil your creation to the world. It's more than just a launch; it's a celebration of innovation, hard work, and a partnership that transforms visions into reality. Together, we watch as your project begins its journey, ready to captivate and engage your audience.

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