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About us

About hamham

Hamham Brussels was founded in 2018 and from the Start, our purpose was to provide a bold design perspective for film & television. We started working for micro-startups, and we are now happy to include some of the biggest brands among our clients in the advertising & broadcast industries.

Our design DNA takes its cues and feeds on contemporary illustration and the international animation scene. 

We do

Branded Video Content

Branded video is marketing content that is sponsored or created by a brand that — while sharing in the brand’s values — does not directly advertise or promote the brand. It aims to give credits on the positive association, rather than on self-promotion. So, while branded video is not a traditional ad or marketing promotion, it often shares the same end goal of driving audience action.

There Are Many Ways To Do It


By contributing to the experience, rather than disrupting it, brands are less likely to annoy viewers. Instead, they add value and contribute to the conversation, which is typically favored by audiences.


Many branded videos are narrative-driven. They use storytelling to entertain, inform, or communicate a brand’s values, which is an effective way for brands to build more authentic, memorable connections with their audiences.


With the staggering amount of content on the web, many consumers develop blindness to it. However, marketers that create the kind of branded content their target audience wants — be it funny, entertaining, or educational videos — will hold viewers’ attention and keep them coming back for more.


By swapping overly sales content for branded video, marketers are in a better position to show (not tell) customers that they are “the real deal.” It’s kind of the secret password of marketing. It offers brands a way to show and prove that they are passionate and knowledgeable enough for the gatekeepers (aka; consumers) to let them in.


Outside of a particularly timely promotional video, think the UEFA League Championship, people don’t typically share videos where the brand — not the content — takes the spotlight. Branded videos flip the dynamic, giving viewers a reason to share a brand’s content with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Studio FAQ's

How Much Time Does It Take To Make A Explainer Video Animation?

For a 60 second video, we usually need 6 to 7 weeks, from script to export. We’ve done it quicker — don’t ask us if we regret it 🙂 Try to get in touch with us a couple of months before your desired launch date, just to be sure.

What Is Your Process?

First, we’ll have a chat and discuss your needs, to see how we can help boost your innovative projects with colors & shapes. Then, we’ll ask you to complete a brief and we’ll set up a project kick-off call so you can meet the team. Now we’re ready to start: we write the script & share a style mood board, we sketch a (very ugly & very effective) storyboard, and make 3-4 hi-fi illustrations. We do the voiceover casting, record it, design all the boards and share an animatic with you. If everything works, we jump into animation, add music and sound effects, and tà-dà! Your beautiful video is ready to be shared with the world! Lastly, if needed, we localize and reformat the video in every language or aspect ratio in the universe.

Do You Accept Interns?

Yes, we do accept interns from around the world and we can also help international talents with a study/internship Belgian VISA. However, we never have more than 3 interns at a time, in order to guarantee they can benefit from good mentorship and a real working experience. Our internships are paid.

Are You A Full—Service Design Studio?

Definitely, when it comes to motion design, set design, and illustration. We do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. from script to export. Casting? Sure. Licensing? Yup.
That said, we’re quite specialized in content creation. If you like what you see around here, we’re probably a good fit.


Which Skills Do You Value The Most In A New Team Member?

Being positive, open-minded, sharing our aesthetics, being willing to learn & experiment, not being afraid to get your hands dirty (literally, when it involves sets or special projects).

What’s Your Typical Client?

The average client we work with is a mid-sized startup / innovative digital company with 20-50 team members, or a branch of a big company that wants, for example, to launch an innovative product or develop an illustration system for their app or website. We sometimes also work with smaller teams.

How Much Does It Cost To Work With You?

We don’t have a fixed price list — and our quotes are usually project-based, not time-based. We have worked with small and big companies and our prices will reflect the work we need to do, but also the project management you need depending on your company size. For the smallest projects, we indeed have a minimum commitment of 3.000€.

What’s Your Typical Project?

Video for sure. And video campaigns made of countless cuts & reformats for the perfect social media strategy.

We also love to work on Illustration Systems, visuals & animations for apps & websites, colorful brand identities, automated video campaigns & set design photography. And let’s not forget TV Ads, of course, our mother’s pride and joy!

Do You Develop Websites?

No, we don’t, but we love to design them. Especially if they’re landings & small, animation-driven interactive experiences. We also have a range of trusted developers with whom we collaborate every now and then for special projects. Beyond that, we’re very skilled in creating visuals for websites & apps, and huge, very consistent Illustration Systems.


Motion design
Website visuals
Art Direction
AR Filters

Set design
Video mapping
Gifs (/jifs/)
Automated video

Design systems
Character Design